Cute Collections of Pattu Pavadai

We are back with the Cute Collections of Pattu Pavadai. We have wonderful collections of Pattu Pavadai ( Langa & Pavada) this month.  is now leading online store for Pattu pavadai and we are trying to add more collections of Pattu pavadai every month. We are happy to increase number of design and colour

Jan 2016 New Born Silk Frock Collection

Apart from Patt pavadai ( Pattu Langa / Silk Pavadai) our New Born Silk Frock is one of the fastest selling new born wear. This silk frock is of totally different type made in Silk material. Silk frock are apt for New borns naming ceremony. In this Blog we are going to add Pictures of

Cute Kids Half Saree

In this blog we are going to add some of the beautiful girls Half Saree which is of great demand in our website . Kids Half Saree is Generally called as Dhavani or Langa Voni in South India Dhavani ( Davani ) is one of the most liked traditional wear in south India. In